Hedging Your Risk

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Look at how sterling has moved against the US dollar. In late 2008 the rate was 2.08 dollars to the pound. Just 3 months later it had collapsed by 35% to 1.36, only to bounce back by 18% over the following 6 months, to 1.61.

This example illustrates how forward planning is crucial if you have foreign exchange risk and how much a currency fluctuation can affect your bottom line!

Forward Contracts

Lock in an exchange rate for a specific amount of currency that you can use at a later date, without having to tie up valuable working capital. A 3% deposit is payable at the outset, followed by 97% when the contract matures.

Limit Orders

Set target price levels that can be executed 24 hours a day. Your currency is transacted automatically if the limit is achieved.

Stop Loss Orders

Place a currency order above or below the current market level, which will only trade if that level is reached. Stop-loss orders are designed to limit a loss if currencies do not move as you might have hoped or expected.